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Mersing Airport
We were engaged to undertake the EIA and Business Plan Studies for Mersing International Airport, Mersing, Johor. Malaysia. Mersing is an highly favour tourist destination along the eastern coast of Malaysia, getting to the destination require many hours of delicate and in some sectors high speed driving. It takes over four hours from Singapore and about three hours plus from Johor Bahru.

We also produce a Low Cost Carrier (LCC e.g. Easy Jet) model business plan to compliment the Mersing Laguna development estate. The extensive development comprising of over 2000 acres of reclaimed land with mixture of four and five stars hotels and residential properties.

We concluded that such a development will create well over 35,000 jobs at the Airport. The following points also helped to buttress the argument that supports the development:-

    • Passenger Ticket
    • Luggage Ticket
    • Air Consignment Note
    • For of the best national defense tools
    • Air transports do carry some risk of accident but it is event nowadays
    • With the advent of global warming environmental concern may bring with it high operational cost. As long as the users are willing to pay to the service, this writes of any business concern
    • The major interruption air transport need to overcome every time is the weather
    • Air transport requires high initial investment and trained, experienced and skilled personnel
    • Safe and high speed means of transportation.
    • Quickest to get fresh vegetable produce to market
    • Is Airport to Airport it does not require concreting hundreds of road miles. Cost is limited to the Airport City only.
    • Useful for dispensing pesticides over a wide agricultural area and difficult terrain
    • Great strategic significance in times of emergency for moving Soldier, arms and ammunition

Summary of Ibadan Airport
Whenever there is positive economic trend in North America there is corresponding growth in World economy activities. FAA 2012-32 aviation forecast projected a “moderate” growth in the next five years. RPM was up by over 3% from 2010/11 with over 2% increase in PAX and further projection is that RPM will increase annually by over 3% for the next decade and the total number of people flying commercially on US airlines annually will increase from 32 million to over one billion by 2024.

For example, 47.68 million PAX use JFK International Airport in 2011 an increase of 2.5% from 2010. Newark Liberty International Airport also grew by 1.6% to 33.71 million. While LaGuardia Airport grew by 0.6% to 25.9 million PAX. These airports are less than thirty kilometres from each other. Finally Stewart International Airport grew by 4.7% after difficult trading.
In Europe, 10 million flights per year is projected, returning to 2008 level may be achieve this year, thanks to the Olympic and the European Football tournament.

In Nigeria, commercial PAX and airlines services have double. Due to this rising demand, Lagos Airport faces increasing strain on disorganise, mismanage, outdated and overstretched aviation infrastructure. Currently Lagos Airport proof of over six million PAX is established but rising to over ten million PAX within the next two years as the World economic recovers. This volume of PAX will be too high for her to handle at Lagos Airport.
For instance Lagos Airport as not replace her luggage handling and reclaiming systems since the Airport was commission in the late 60’s/early 70’s, neither as she replace the two lifts of which one is just managing to function. The building has never been repainted and the air-conditioning systems never worked for the past ten years . The pronouncement to replace the Central Terminal Building is blowing hot air for the past six years, tinge with usual element of corruption. Neither can a high-end CTA be erected within two years to handle ten million PAX. Through to form the Lagos State Government is now “thinking ” of building new International Airport on green belt, when full and efficient use of current facilities is yet to be established.

Training Service
We arrange training and short courses to support the airline industry through approved partners to deliver aircraft training, with specialist tutors in Part 66 basic skills training for category A, B and C licences.
Our partners at ZTAero MRO Engineering training provide range of training options designed to meet your specific requirements and to enable compliance with ISO 9000 requirements. Carried out on your site, our specialist training minimizes disruption to the business by bringing the experts to you.

Training Options

Road Shows
We visit Colleges and University to recruit students for training at our Aircraft Maintenance centre. For a larger number of participants these events provide demonstrations of key products and services. On training for all appropriate personnel in the installation and maintenance of the product to ensure maximum life can be achieved.

Technical Training
Occasionally customers have requested specific training on broader technical issues.

Please get in touch so we can discuss your individual requirements:

Engine Maintenance
In the course of operating an extensive worldwide fleet of A319, A320, A330, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, DC9, MD-88, MD-90, and Regional Jet (RJ’s) aircraft, ZTAero MROps has developed a knowledge and experience base in supplying engine maintenance and propulsion engineering.

Aircraft Component Maintenance
As one of only a few airline MRO service providers to achieve ISO 9001 certification, ZTAero MROps’ Component Maintenance shops repair and service more than 8,000 different aircraft, engine and avionics components, turning over 200,000 parts each year for ZTAero and other air carriers and maintenance facilities.

Airframe Maintenance
ZTAero MROps provides a broad range of high quality airframe maintenance services, helping to make some of the world’s most reliable fleets even more reliable. Thanks to some of the largest and most sophisticated maintenance facilities in the business, ZTAero MROps has earned a reputation for flawless work and minimal turn times.

Landing Gear Maintenance
As a leader in the repair and overhaul of aircraft landing gear and landing gear related components, ZTAero MROps Landing Gear Services is ready to bring our record of excellence to your aircraft. Our experience and expertise managing the world’s largest fleet ensures that you will receive top-notch quality, unparalleled customer service and quick turnarounds to keep your aircraft in the air.

Line Maintenance
When it comes to Line Maintenance, ZTAero MROps is at the forefront of the industry with a comprehensive range of flexible services. From routine turnaround and overnight checks, to rectification of non-routine aircraft log entries and the most complex in-service repairs, we can customize our services to your specific needs.

Thrust Reversers Maintenance
Decades of experience servicing the world’s largest airline have prepared ZTAero MROps with the experience and equipment needed to be an industry leader in thrust reverser repair. From routine thrust reverser maintenance to total overhaul from foreign object damage, ZTAero MROps has the capability to get the job done safely with a short turnaround time

Support Services
The ZTAero MROps logistics center in Atlanta currently manages the inventory necessary to support the day-to-day operations of ZTAero’s 750+ aircraft and our many customers’ aircraft. We use the latest technologies to ensure inventory accuracy and component traceability. You can depend on our qualified logistics specialists to provide fast and accurate service.

Aircraft Engineering Services
As a major commercial airline, we understand your functional requirements and provide a high quality output with the lowest possible cost per flight hour. Our expertise allows us to minimize turn time, limiting the need for engine spares, reducing your overall maintenance costs. And we offer unparalleled flexibility. Repair. Replace. Re-manufacture to the highest standards in the business.

Boeing Pilot Outlook
Boeing released a new forecast showing continued strong demand for commercial airline pilots and maintenance technicians as the world's airlines add 38,000 airplanes to the global fleet over the next 20 years. Boeing's 2015 Pilot and Technician Outlook projects that between 2015 and 2034, the world will require 558,000 new commercial airline pilots and 609,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians.
Boeing trained a record number of pilots and technicians at 17 training campuses around the globe in 2014 and invested in a comprehensive Pilot Development Program to train early stage pilots to become qualified commercial airline pilots.
Boeing's 2015 Outlook projects continued increases in pilot demand, up more than 4 percent compared to the 2014 Outlook. For maintenance technicians, demand increased approximately 5 percent.

The overall global demand for these skilled resources will be driven by continued economic expansion, resulting in an average requirement for about 28,000 new pilots and more than 30,000 new technicians every year.
The 20-year projected demand for new pilots and technicians by region is:-
  • Asia Pacific – 226,000 pilots and 238,000 technicians
  • Europe – 95,000 pilots and 101,000 technicians
  • North America – 95,000 pilots and 113,000 technicians
  • Latin America – 47,000 pilots and 47,000 technicians
  • Middle East – 60,000 pilots and 66,000 technicians
  • Africa – 18,000 pilots and 22,000 technicians
  • Russia / CIS – 17,000 pilots and 22,000 technicians

The Pilot and Technician Outlook is Boeing's long-term forecast of the demand for pilots and technicians and its estimate of personnel needed to fly and maintain the tens of thousands of new commercial jetliners expected to be produced over the next 20 years. The forecast is published annually to factor in changing market forces affecting the industry. Boeing shares the outlook with the public to inform airlines, suppliers and the financial community of trends in the industry

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