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Zip-Tech Enviro
Environment Solution
ZTENVIRO has built an excellent reputation by developing relationships and partnerships in the field of professional waste management. ZTENVIRO is an Africa focus Environmental Consulting. We provide   the tools and services clients need to reduce costs and ensure compliance with environment legislations.

  • Environmental Construction Remediation
  • Consulting
    • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal
    • Transportation Services
    • Vacuum Truck Services
    • Lab pack/Technical Services
    • Recycling Solutions
    • Asbestos Abatement Services
    • Building Demolition
    • 24 Hour Emergency Response

ZTENVIRO supplies the infrastructure for waste services from Europe to Africa

• Trash Trailer/Vehicles
• Site construction
• Industrial waste services bin
• Training Services
• Servicing Government and public body of all sizes
• Trash Bags etc.

Household Hazardous Waste
ZTENVIRO believe that 95% of the Household Hazardous Waste material collected can be reused or recycled successfully. ZTENVIRO can present assist Africa Government with recycling alternatives and programs.
• Collection programs for communities and municipalities
• Asbestos abatement remediation for residential property
• Programs for recycling of household items and much more

ZTENVIRO Industrial Services
• Vacuum truck services, power washing, and steam cleaning
• Industrial maintenance
• Oil/water separator cleaning and disposal

Waste Waste Services
ZTENVIRO specializes in finding the most environmentally sound and cost effective solutions to dispose of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials:
• Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal
• Bulk and drummed waste
• Accurate sampling, profiling, and quality control
• Computerized software program for preparation of waste profiles, manifests, and all associated paperwork
• Universal waste recycling
• Waste consultation

ZTENVIRO customize spill kits for your transportation fleet and facility:
• Booms/Hazmat pads and socks
• Speedy Drive/loose absorbent
• Hazmat pillows
• Oil absorbent rolls

ZTENVIRO 24 Hour Emergency Response:
    • ZTENVIRO provides 24 hour emergency response from Europe for major industrial incident like major oil (crude Oil) spill

ZTENVIRO Training:
• Waste management refresher training courses
• Training for Forklift Truck operations
• Local Environmental Legislative Training
• Implementation of Program Training

Trainings can be conducted at your site.

Observation In Africa
During the colonial time and after Independence majority of Africa large populated settlements discharge their raw sewage indirectly into fresh water lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. The same was true in London and most European Cities before industrial revolution. 
In the interim sockerway systems as taken-over as temporary storage systems but as one travels through Africa you will see open sewer overflowing with raw sewage.
Discharges of sewage into water bodies do come from various sources, including waste water treatment facilities, run-off from livestock operations, waterside dwelling, ships and vessels etc. 
There are wide variance in the types of pollutants present in sewage discharges but in the major include:
  • nutrients
  • metals
  • solids
  • toxics
  • endocrine disrupter
  • pathogens

They all in a way or the other have the potential to impair water quality, adversely affect aquatic environments and increase risks to human health. While sewage discharges have potentially wide-ranging impacts on all aquatic environments, the impacts may be especially difficult in marinas, slow-moving rivers, lakes and other bodies of water with low-flushing rates

The practise of fresh water dumping still persist today but Zip-Tech Enviro is working with many Africa Local, Regional Authorities and State Governments to bring about modern facilities to promote healthier living.

The benefit of natural clean fresh/water river system cannot be over-stated:
  • safer for recreational use and
  • quality seafood harvest and many more

By-products of this cleaning process are “Bio-solids” products (products because they can be reuse) indeed nothing goes to waste. These treated bio-soilds can safely be recycle as fertilizer, incinerated to product electricity or use as smokeless fuel for cooking.

Because raw sewage are nutrient rich in organic materials they need to be treated and processed for safe recycling.

Africa as an important missing link in the process of raw sewage treatment and that is a region centre where effort and experience may share to address matters regarding health issues arising from raw sewage effect and legislation to drive the whole process forward.

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