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Heavy Fuel Oil

Zip-Tech Energy

Bulk Fuel Supplier

Guarantees financial improvement in operational cost

With on-board emissions scrubbing systems install on your vessel continue combustion of relatively cheap HFO

provided by

Zip-Tech Energy

See your profit grow

The dominant fuel quality for marine engines today is

The marine/shipping industry uses Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) fuels because of reduced operating cost while switching to marine gas could cost shipping companies thirty percent more in raw material cost
Report by
The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) revealed in June in its “Annual Review 2014”

Fuel costs “by far represent a ship operator’s largest expense, having increased about 400% in the last 10 years,” according to the ICS
Over the life of a ship, fuel costs used to represent only a fraction of a shipowner’s capital costs. Today this relationship is the other way around, with the cost of fuel now far exceeding capital costs including debt servicing.

“At a time when the industry may be about to turn a corner following many years of very depressed freight rates, there is thus a real danger that the switch to distillate could inhibit recovery as it begins”
In an industrial setting HFO can be the best choice for power generation for uninterrupted power in large industrial sections; mining, fishing and other marine, regional electricity production, manufacturing etc. when bottom-line are critical and there technology to reduce emission.

Contact Zip-Tech Energy for your no nonsense Economy of scale and bottom-line attractiveness bulk HFO supply:
Prices are now much lower, it time to recover what was lost during high prises. Improve financial bottom-line situation where energy is needed for a long operation
Contact ZTE: +4420 8144 7317
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