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City of London
The Big Consulting firms are finding the field heavy going. Why is that?

During the big Dot.Com burst of 2001, many professional consultants were laid off by the Big 4 and again in 2007. The big four and others needed to cut cost and maintain share value.

Several important events happen during this period:-
  • They laid off professional with in-depth experience and new junior neophytes were brought in to replace them
  • It was not as if consulting cycle stop, during the layoff there were pipeline businesses and engagements in the form of introduction, products/solutions presentation, contract signing, project delivery etc

In 2001 the Big Four lost about 22% of pipeline and New Businesses to leaving consultant and they lost more than 35% again during the economic downturn of 2007. Al together the true loss was over 50%.

For these firms to maintain market share they needed ten years in a relatively dynamic and growing economy for the turn they seek to be realise but the 2007 near banking collapsed lost them the recovery time they seek

Many of those laid off in 2001 were in their late forties to early sixties while those laid off in 2007 were from earlier thirties to sixties. These people simply took the bull by the horn to setup their own consulting firms and taking the engagements they started to work on, at the Big Four to their own firm. A snap shot of consulting on the Internet between 2001 – 2007 and 2008 – 2014, indicated over 500% of private consulting start-ups. Almost all of them are on engagements this is what is impacting the Big Four.

We are the new kid on the block, reshaping the world of consulting, fuel by technological changes, we are one of the many thousands disrupting Big 4 business model.

In the United Kingdom, we are the number one Africa focus, consulting/delivery firm with in-depth Africa knowledge. We know the culture, custom and well place to doing business across the length and breadth of the continent. Our professional in-depth skills in Energy, Telecommunications, Security and Business Risk in Africa are unparalleled.

Our specialized teams work mutually with clients to complement internal strengths, creating partnership that delivers new solutions and capabilities. Today our work covers the major challenges driving manufacturing businesses, growth and innovation, strategic and financial planning, organizational transformation and operational excellence. Our term of engagement is standard but flexible, which makes it easy for new businesses to work with us.

Contact Network
If your business require the 'Oxygen' of growth in Africa, we are more than capable of providing it that enabler of growth. We are your umbilical cord into the continent of Africa, serving you business nourishment.
We have the 'Coverage', while you have the 'Choice' but we 'Guarantee’ your 'Solution' deliverables. Service provided none other than the people with the right connection.

What We Do
We are dedicated solutions provider to critical and strategic infrastructure issues,  Consulting and Delivery through any of our multinational professional Partners. Our robust solutions enhance the reputation of the client professional services delivered to users. We support Government, Businesses and Professional Individual seeking special delivery in Oil and Gas, telecommunication systems, Multi-Level Security and Business Information Management, Mobile Solutions and Revenue Generation, Service Integration, Risk and Infrastructure consulting/Delivery Services.

Our philosophy is collaboration from strategy development through to delivery, working as a team to transform your business to discover its freedom to increase productivity via effective performance through "Space" process. This is the blue younder, where the sum value of your business growth is asymptotic.
Today global market is borderless with intensifying competition, therefore successful businesses must be ready to respond to complex and unpredictable challenges. Working together we reformat your business to be the envy to your competitors, more agile and highly competitive.

Finally, we work across all business sectors globally but strong in Asia and Africa, by identifying critical failures before they lead to crisis any by using holistic approach we automate governance of actuarial modelling and reporting.

Sector Specialization
Zip-Tech Consulting is the leading Africa Emerging market, infrastructure focus Consulting specialist firm based in London, UK. In this sector, we are the  market leader providing world class consulting services across the industry in Asia and Africa, with headquarter in London, England and network of International Associates and Offices in Asia and Africa, our motivated team and Partners has wide range of experience and ready to serve you.
We provide professional services to support Government, Businesses and Professionals Individual. We work on major infrastructure development:-

  • Energy both up and downstream
In the Upstream we provide invaluable consulting in the Downstream we are dedicated physical commodity supplier and active buyer and seller of raw energy commodities. (www.ztenig.com)
Our business activities is triangular in nature namely Africa-Europe and Americas. From time to time we carry out proprietary spot and bilateral trading with major Africa Energy Producers.
After successfully agreeing prices for loads from Africa to Europe and America (ONLY) we deliver the product within sixty days. We dance to the tune of production and supply conditions, therefore we supply products that are physically available to on SPOT markets usually.

  • Geo-political analysis
On consulting bases only we provide you  the on-the-ground facts that empowers you to make the right decisions from Liybia Affairs, Euro-Jihadists, Near Eastern Affairs, Middle East and beyond to analysis on Nuclear Deals and Boko Haram.
We shall tell you how it may affect your trade, decisions and security

  • Assets protection
We provide strategic plans to safeguard your assets are item of properties owned by you or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies. These are limited to information of value, electronic storage systems, data in electronic format, paper information, properties, resources, estate, holdings, possessions, effects, goods, valuables, belongings, chattels, worldly goods, worldly possessions; capital, funds, wealth, principal, money, riches, means, deep pockets, fortune, finance, reserves, savings, securities

Research and Development
We undertake Research and Development, these are project dependant e.g. 
    • Small Hydro - Power Generation
    • Controlled Medical Research Consulting e.g. HIV drugs effectiveness
    • Our associates will undertake R&D projects for various high-end industry
    1. Mining, spent oil wells, petroleum products and telecommunication in various part of the world
    2. Research in private development objectives in Europe, Middle East and Africa
    3. Financing and risk development on major infrastructure projects like power station in Kenya.
    4. Creating the need to develop new rail infrastructure for Government
    5. Developing International Airport Master Plans and Airport extension plan

Brief information on Zip-Tech Consulting project experience and direct projects participation: -

    • Seismic data investigation for Oil Block around Haruj Hills and Al Jufrah in Libya
    • At Sharjah, Ajman and Al Ain in the UAE
    • Area around Yazd and Lower Kuh Rud as far as Rafanjan in Iran
    • Amoco Oil block in Nigeria
    • Zip-Tech Consulting (Mala) arranged the funding for New LTTC Terminal at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and a new multi storey car park.
    • Communication upgrade at Biggin Hill International Airport (Kent) UK including new air navigation systems
    • Arranged financing to develop Mersing International Airport

Zip-Tech played major roles in advancing Airport development in the emerging markets of Africa in Nigeria.
    • Lead market realignments
    • Negotiated and bring in major International Partners
    • Cooperated and informaed in ways to generate new and additional revenues
    • Assist in targeting, Marketing and Publicity campaigns
    • Enable new fundermental with swift movement of products to market

Zip-Tech evolved from Pure Uncorrupted Genius way of Thinking

From Energy Security To Airport Infrastructure  Build and Operation

Zip-Tech Consulting, number one London Based, Africa and Emerging Market Infrastructure Consulting/Delivery Firm

  • Investigation
Please call us today for your Economy Security  or Eagle Eye Service. 
Please contact security@ztc.org.uk
  • Risk management
Our motivated and highly qualified team are skilled and experience, will provide innovative and cost effective solutions to diverse range of projects. Offering broad range of the professional services needed to address today "geo-political" problems faced by underperforming businesses or "Specific Task" failure.

We aim to add value and optimise outcome for clients thus your stakeholders.

We expanded our activities into energy products with a view of comprehensive energy solution/consulting and operations, with market leaders in Europe, South East Asia and Africa, while assisting clients to deliver various tailored made energy projects/needs.

Strategic advice for International Clients need sound facts and figures.
On infrastructure projects we provide strategic advice to Airport and Logistics industries for example:-
  • Strategy Development
  • Assess portfolio
  • Consider Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Undertake Due Diligences and
  • Asset value assessments

We appraise the Market, Enterprise and Portfolio - Analysis in your sector by:-
  • Sector competition
  • Sector analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Market entry strategies
  • Sector related economic consulting
  • Geo-political analysis

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