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LNG Operation

Zip-Tech Energy
We are different to other energy suppliers in the UK and Europe because we deal in HARD COMMODITY. We do not trade carbon credits with any organisations or talk about the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Neither do we sale you electricity from generators through power purchase agreements.
We are here to save you money, if your energy/production equation needs re-balancing. With infrastructure already in place, our solution will save you millions of pound, between 5-7% on your current energy bill bottom-line NO QESTION ASK.

In 2014 Zip-Tech Energy started supplying gas to medium businesses. By 2015 Q4, we hope to be major player in the UK “DIRECT” supplier of gas to larger industrial users. Our product is designed to meet your business production need, whether you want budget certainty or you have no appetite for risk. Our solution is transparent and helps make electricity purchasing a thing of the past. We offer our customers supply security because of our global reach in the industry with personal touch, inspired by independent spirit.

We are the new kid on the block with mission to shakeup the industry offering and modus operandi. We offer companies a competitive and alternative source of energy with high standard of customer care, quality and impartial advice to high energy users looking to develop their Energy mix in a competitive world.
You may indeed end-up feeding energy to your current supplier!

You remain in control of production input and output 100%.

Please contact us here: energy@ztc.org.uk

Site under development
Mobile Natural Gas (MNG)
Plan is advanced to offer LNG Tanker Service. (LNGTS). For businesses outside national pipe network, we are able to supply LNG/CLNG in tankers and by Q4 we shall be capable of supplying to industrial customers in Europe and UK.
We hope to replace oil and coal burning as primary source of fuel for generating power

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