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How We Work
In an ever-changing world, Zip-Tech Consulting has been providing Professional services to industries. We initiate communication, procure qualifying Investors while recommending and bridging the management team and investors. We assist companies to confront the industry's most challenging issues, including:
    • Growth
    • Geopolitical risk

    • Transaction risk
    • Regulatory change
    • Operational excellence
    • Reporting and compliance Risk
    • Social Responsibility
    • Financial Risk
    • Workplace size and diversity

Capital project management review of wide range of projects including:
    • Governance
      • Risk
      • Quality management
      • Procurement strategy
      • Forecast and
      • Management reporting aspects

Our team has extensive experience in both the identification and mitigation of capital project related fraud - from procurement to operation. We work across a variety of industries, including Construction, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, Transportation / Utilities and Mining.
Oil and Gas

Globally oil and gas industries are experiencing continued price volatility, significant technology advancements, regulatory changes, new exploration discovery and new markets. Companies have expanded internationally via production sharing contracts, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances. The industry faces higher spending requirements for compliance with environmental and safety standards
The sector is complex and changing rapidly as companies pursue new models of value creation. Some strategies fiercely reinforce the traditional integrated utility strength of owning production, distribution and the customers. Others seek competitive advantage (or have it thrust upon them by regulators) by concentrating on particular parts of the energy chain. Previously sacrosanct national boundaries are falling as cross border investment expandsThe trend to liberalisation, convergence and competition for end customers is by no means uniform across territories. National differences abound.
Volatile and often falling commodity prices, depleted mineral reserves, stringent environmental regulations and restriction, rising operating costs and ever intensifying competition have seen the mining industry reassess its strategies becoming ever more global in its focus. Mining companies around the world have responded to these challenges by consolidating and restructuring their companies, seeking new capital resources, and adopting innovative technologies. Investment incentive opportunities, deregulation, low-cost labour, high commodity cost and the opportunities for large, high quality ore reserves have enticed companies to overcome previous entry barriers and explore emerging markets in Africa

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