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Security Training

Zip-Tech Security
Airport Security Training

Security Awareness
We assist airports to compile a complete Security programme in accordance to Local and International Legislation
A. International Convention
B. National legislation

Allocation of responsibilities
A. Designated appropriate authority for AVSEC
B. Civil aviation authority (if different from IV.A)
C. Airport administration
D. Airport tenants
E. Aircraft operators
F. Policing authority
G. Military
H. Other agencies
Coordination and Communications
A. National AVSEC committee
B. Airport AVSEC committee
C. News media communication
D. Communication and cooperation with other States
E. Communication with ICAO

Protection of Airports, Aircraft and Air Navigation facilities
A. Designation of security restricted areas
B. Protection of security restricted areas.
C. Control of access - general requirements
D. Control of access - persons
E. Control of access - vehicles
F. Protection of aircraft
G. Navigational and other vital facilities

Security Control of Persons and Items being placed on board Aircraft
A. Screening of passengers and carry-on baggage
B. Transit and transfer passengers
C. Aircraft crew, airport staff and other non-passengers
D. Special screening procedures
E. Authorized carriage of weapons
F. Persons in custody and under administrative control
G. Hold baggage
H. Air cargo
I. Aircraft catering supplies and stores

Mode/national civil aviation security programme A1-3

Security equipment
A. Procurement
B. Calibration
C. Operation and maintenance

A. Selection criteria
B. Training

Management of response to acts of unlawful interference
A. General
B. Responsibilities
C. Initial action
D. Command
E. Control
F. Provision of air navigation services
G. Specialist support
H. News and media
I. Reporting
Evaluation of effectiveness
A. Surveys
B. Inspections and audits
C. Testing
D. Exercises

Adjustment of programme and contingency plans
A. General
B. Responsibilities
C. Incident review

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