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Exploration and Production
The upstream oil sector is also commonly known as the exploration and production sector. Is the operation stage in oil and gas industry that involve exploration and production. Upstream operations deal primarily with the exploration of the oil and gas in the geological formations whether on or off-shore situation, with upstream companies taking the first steps to first locate, test and drill for oil and gas. Once reserves are proven, upstream the company will start extracting any commercially available oil and gas from the reserve.
The objective of Zip-Tech Energy is to bring raw physcial energy commodities from Africa to Europe and to the rest of the World. Are primary focus is Europe. 

We are focus on energy commodity delivery using Haliburton model. This is the delivery business unit within Zip-Tech Energy Limited.
We guarantee to save you millions off, your current purchasing prices. We buy energy commodities in the emerging countries, where they are surplus to requirement and ship them to developed countries.
We do not speculate in commodities we deal in physical products. By so doing we save you money, time and effort.

Our terms of trade are simple:-
  • Place an order
  • Communicate your offer price and delivery schedule to your port of your choice (E.C & North Ameria only)
  • Agree price, terms and condition
  • Trigger delivery to your port and original documents are given to you for settlement within an agreed period

From crude to Petrol
Government gives out exploration licenses, onshore or offshore and energy exploration companies bid for their development.
BP does not have its own drill rig these days, they may reach out to Transocean for a rig or put out a contract for a rig. The rig need to be staff with manpower therefore they may go to Halliburton or Baker Hughes to operate the drill rig.
If the rig is offshore the staffs need to be transported by oil field services companies like Cooper Offshore and BP will put out a bid and the best bidders wins. BP will also put out a bid to transport the crude, for argument purpose say Chevron wins the bid.
Now between the period of loading the crude to be taking it to refinery, Total from their trading floor may buy this load but may also sell it for profit, to say Shell refinery for a few cents more.
Shell refinery, refines the product for profit, sell and ship it to petrol stations and airports by pipelines own by say Kinder/Morgan. The filling station may be own by individual or a chain and they also need to sell for profit.
This is the complexity of the industry. It is highly capital intensive with good project manager.
Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry
Upstream (sometime called E&P or Exploration and Production)
Consist of searching/exploration for, recovery and production of crude oil and Natural gas. it is the front-ent where the oil and gas is actually taken out of the well, using drilling rigs and derricks of various design or FPSO in some cases.
Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) installation is a floating facility, usually based on a (converted) oil tanker hull. 
It is a mobile up and midstream unit, equipped with hydrocarbon processing equipment for separation and treatment of crude oil, water and gases, arriving on board from sub-sea oil wells via flexible pipeline

  • Midstream (sometime it include Downstream)
This is the collection and transpotation of crude oil and natural gas and refined products, by oil tanker vessels or pipelines

  • Downstream
The manufacturing of natural gas products drived from crude oil processing, selling and districution thereof. This is the refinerying and market of the products from upstream production. 

Retail filling stations, polymers/plastics, lubricants, engine oil, fertilizers etc
  • Services
Firms that provide manpower services to the oil and gas inductries but can sometime engage in the production of petrol-chemical products. From rig design to building the rig itself, drilling etc. 
  1. Super Major or Combined
These are companies that do everything from upstream to services. there are six majors namely BP, Total, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell and minor Super Majors like PETRONAS and others
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